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United States National Help Foundation
Welcome to the "Light of Hope" Division of: ~UNITED STATES NATIONAL HELP FOUNDATION~ We are seeking professional fundraisers to work from home as Tele-Commuters. Your title for now will be: (I am a " Light of Hope Volunteer" for United States National Help Foundation.
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United States National Help Foundation,
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Initially, prior to the opening of our International Call Center in Burbank California, *We are offering a premium / charter commission to Our Light of Hope Volunteers of 30%.* This commission will terminate and your position once the call center is open and fully operational.

We are cognizant that 30% is higher than any other fundraising opportunities in the NPO or Non-Profit industry. However we want to motivate you to work for ~USNHF~ and no one else. FYI the 70% that you are raising for ~USNHF~ is totally ear marked to pay for the opening of Our Call Center.

The Call Center will be employing upwards of 800 to 1,000 in house personnel. Perhaps some of you can join us there. WE NEED CALL CENTER LEADERS!

Why Burbank? There are over 162 Bilingual languages spoken in and around Burbank. These are Natural born, or Legal USA citizens. And we are not just calling across America, but around the World. We rebuilt Europe 2 times over two World Wars, not to mention all the other Nations we have and are helping. We at ~USNHF~ believe that it's pay back time, face it economically if we go down they overseas go down with us and everyone looses!

Without our muscle who'll be there to protect and defend them!? Did you know every Nation that has adopted our Capitalistic ways is Booming such as Red China and numerous others who have no "Constitution"! WE HAVE TO PULL TOGETHER, AS WE THE PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE! And of course our JFK Motto: ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR COUNTRY!

Want you join us .........